The best of both worlds

Every hosting account features the drag-and-drop website builder, but we still offer full file access for those who need to modify website files for their website.
Drag & Drop
Perfect for our users with less web design experience or wanting an easily setup website with powerful features. Simply drag and drop, edit content, and publish it.
Full File Access
Perfect for our advanced users who are more familiar with web design. For manual website editing, third party scripts (such as WordPress), and managing backups.

Building your own website just got easier

Building a website can prove to be a difficult task for those who have never done it before, and sometimes even for those who have experience with websites. It is hard to find a true drag-and-drop website builder that offers you the features that you need to make a professional website for free, and when you do it is usually not cheap.

There are companies offering "free website builders," but you will usually find them to be lacking in features, support, and reliability. Imagine a customer trying to access your website, and the website not being available or displaying advertisements for your competition. With any of our webhosting packages you have access to discounted domain name registrations, email accounts, file access (if you are experienced and want to access your website files directly), and all other features we provide.

We strive to provide the cheapest price around with the best features. When we first started, our founder had worked with many free, low-cost, and high-cost webhosts who each had their unique flaws. 
The free hosts' equipment typically was subpar and required money from somewhere to maintain what they did have (typically by showing advertisements on client websites). 
The low-cost hosts had similar problems with equipment, and frequently had to increase prices over time or include hidden fees to maintain the equipment that they did have.
The high-end hosts often had nicer equipment, but did not provide a good solution to small businesses and individuals who didn't want to pay hefty momthly charges.

That is when was born.

In 2012 opened it's online doors to new customers, and we never thought that we would be trying to compete with some of the largest website building sites in the industry. Fast forwarding to today, we are proud to offer all of our customers a drag-and-drop website builder to get their custom websites online easily and quickly.

This website was built using the drag-and-drop editor!

That's right, this entire website was built using the drag and drop editor, so you can see exaclty how powerful this tool can be.
Custom HTML
Need to add custom HTML to your website? The website builder makes this very easy. Just paste the code where you want it!
Google Maps
Display where you are located on a Google Map, no extra integrations required on your end.
Contact Forms
Give your visitors a way to email you - simply click a button and make your new contact form.
Live Chat
Chat with your visitors in real-time right from your website.
Fully manage and send out a newsletter right from the website builder.
Want to keep your visitors up to date? You can easily add a blog and start posting from the wensite builder.
Shopping Cart
Easily sell items from your website. Multiple checkout options including Paypal, Square, and many others.
Restaurant Menus
Build and share a menu for your restaurant with ease. 
Search Engine Optimization is important for your website to appear on websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We allow you to easily edit what information is shown for your pages.

As low as $3.99 per month

When paid annually, our website hosting starts at $3.99/month.
We offer a 30 day risk free trial - no credit card necessary.