Introducing Hepsia

The Hepsia CP is the hosting CP included with all our shared web hosting packages. It's extremely easy to use and offers free-of-cost tools and bonuses. With the possibility to manage multiple domains at the same time, the drag-and-drop file upload functionality and the cutting-edge Email Manager tool, it's truly one of the finest hosting Control Panels out there. But don't simply take us at our word - take a gaze at our video demonstration, or check the full-featured control panel demo.

Hepsia vs. cPanel

For many years cPanel has led the webhosting field due to its simplicity for the end user. Hepsia has now stepped into the game, and is a strong competitor offering many failed features of cPanel.
Many hosts require multiple logins, one for billing and another for website management. We offer it all-in-one using Hepsia.
Each domain has it's own folder in a logical order, file system is drag and drop, and we offer better integrations for FTP programs.
In Hepsia you can easily install tons of popular scripts (blogs, forums, eCommerce, customer support, etc) with the click of a mouse.
cPanel is based on concepts from 2000. Tests have shown our installation of the Hepsia Control Panel are 3-5x faster than cPanel installs.
Our control panel has a drag-and-drop website builder, making building a website easier than it has ever been.
cPanel demos are often very limited, and don't give a full sense of what you're buying. Our demo accounts are fully functional for testing.
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