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You can select which of our datacenters you want to host your website in. We recommend one close to where your target audience is.
You will need to have a domain name for people to access your website. You do NOT have to buy it with us. You can buy a domain name elsewhere and use it on your website that is hosted with us, this will be available after your account is setup here.
Just fill out the order form like normal!

Select a plan, and we will create your account. You will then be able to start your free 30 day trial or you can complete your purchase.
After a purchase is made, it is very common that our sales team will reach out to you to confirm the purchase. Fraudulent purchases are very common in the webhosting industry, and we want to take every step to prevent fraudulent purchases.

This is nothing out of the ordinary, and many accounts will be verified after their purchase. This is a one time process.

Thank you in your patience while we try to combat this growing issue and help protect others!