Hosting for web developers, by web developers

Each of our staff members comes from a web development background of some sort. We understand struggling to find a solid webhost that focuses on affordability and dependability - two features that typically don't go together. We stopped making sacrifices, and think that you should to.

Our service is built around the belief that anyone should have access to our services, and we should make it simple for newcomers and feature-filled for experienced developers.

Our Services

Website Hosting
Host your website in any of our 5 datacenters, featuring a website builder, file manager, script installer, email services, and easy control panel.
Domain Names
The backbone of your online presence! Register your domains right from our control panel. Discounts available for hosting plans + domains!
Website Builder
Building a website has never been easier. Build a blog, website, or store all in one easy website builder.
Advanced options still available
Virtual Private Servers
Need more space/usage or want a custom OS? Check our our OpenVZ and KMV Plans.
Dedicated Servers
Check out our dedicated, and SEMI-dedicated, server options.
SSL Certificates
Websites today have no excuse for being insecure. Check our pricing, and even our free recommendations.

USA Data Center

Chicago, Illinois (United States)

Partner: Steadfast

UK Data Center

We work with a top-of-the-line data center based a few miles north-west of London, which provides the highest level of security for you site and will guarantee you a fast web page loading speed.

Australia Data Center

With us, you can host your Australia-oriented website in a first-rate datacenter located in the Sydney central business district. The SISGroup data center offers excellent website load speeds and a extensive peering network.

Finland Data Center

By selecting our Finnish data center, you ensure that your visitors from Northern Europe and from the Russian Federation will enjoy faster web site loading times. The data center is located in a former military underground facility and has superb connectivity.

Bulgaria Data Center

The Telepoint data center offers great connectivity all accross Europe. It is located in the country of Bulgaria, famous for having some of the fastest Internet access speed in the whole continent.